We rely on the cooperation of our partner companies to ensure smooth operations and provide attentive service.
We will continue to work hard together and contribute to the local community.

Ikemura Kogyo, Ltd.

  • Scaffolding and earthwork business
  • Plumbing business
  • Line maintenance work

Ishimoto Keigyo Co., Ltd.

  • Electrical construction


  • Buying and selling new steel materials/scrap iron/non-metal scrap
  • Ferrous/non-ferrous scrap processing business
  • Waste plastic processing and trading

Kamikubo Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • High pressure pipe piping/boiler maintenance
  • Thermal insulation works
  • Furnace construction works

Air Water West Japan Inc.
(Kudamatsu Gas Center)

  • Development/supply of air liquefaction/separation equipment and hydrogen production equipment

Compass Group Japan Inc.

  • Group lunch contract business

Onoki Construction Yamaguchi Branch

  • Building Construction/Civil Engineering
  • Scaffolding/Civil engineering concrete works
  • Plumbing construction
  • Pavement construction
  • Construction of water supply facilities, etc.

Katsura Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Water supply and drainage sanitary equipment
  • Air-conditioning and heating facilities
  • Fire extinguishing equipment
  • Air conditioning and ventilation equipment
  • Septic Tank Facilities
  • Water tank cleaning
  • Civil engineering/construction works
  • Above repair/renovation maintenance

Kanekiyo Denshi Co., Ltd.

  • Electrical/instrumentation design and construction
  • Switchboard design and production
  • Microcomputer-applied device production

Kawanami Co., Ltd.

  • Firefighting facility construction business
  • Electrical construction business

Kimura Chemical Plants Co., Ltd.
(Nishi-Chugoku Office, Tokuyama Sub-branch)

  1. Design, manufacturing, and installation of chemical machinery and equipment: various evaporation equipment, various distillation equipment, various crystallization equipment, heat exchangers, vacuum generators, various waste acid/alkali recovery equipment, high concentration (95%) sulfuric acid concentrators, various waste liquid treatment equipment, exhaust gas cleaning/cooling equipment, etc.
  2. Iron, stainless steel, and titanium processing and construction work: manufacturing and installation of various types of pressure equipment (Class 1 and 2), high-pressure gas vessels, chemical equipment made of special alloys such as stainless steel, titanium, nickel, Hastelloy, etc. and piping work for air, gas, and high-pressure steam piping
  3. KS resin and other synthetic resin processing and lining
  4. Maintenance work

Kutsuwa Kako Co., Ltd. (Kudamatsu Plant)

  1. Operation of wastewater treatment facilities
  2. Sorting and shredding of combustible waste
  3. Iron sulfate loading operation
  4. MD grinder wastewater treatment operation

Sakai Hoon Co., Ltd.

  1. Heat and cold insulation design and construction
  2. Soundproofing design and construction
  3. Castable construction design and installation
  4. Scaffolding construction work

Sankyu Inc. (Shunan Branch)

  1. Logistics business: From planning to operation of domestic/international logistics.
  2. Mechanical engineering business: Total engineering from design, manufacturing, and maintenance including installation of various types of plants.

Sanko Special Metal Industries Co., Ltd.

  1. Industrial chrome plating / copper plating / nickel plating
  2. Electroless nickel plating
  3. Production and repair of various types of plating rolls
  4. Production/repair of energizing rolls (conductor rolls)
  5. Various thermal spray processing
  6. Large-scale machining

Sanyo Engineering & Construction Inc. (Tokuyama Office)

  • Indoor electrical installation
  • Power transmission and distribution line equipment construction
  • Power generation and substation equipment construction
  • Instrumentation equipment construction
  • Telecommunications equipment construction

Sanyu Chuzo Co., Ltd.

  • Fabrication of processed products using various materials (SS/SUS/Cu alloy/Al/Ti, etc.).
  • Processing of complex shapes, etc., using Horizontal NC(numerical control)/MC, etc.

Sanyo Giken Ltd.

  • Various types of cans
  • Various piping/plant construction
  • Storage tank/tower tank/steel frame fabrication work
  • Production and installation of various transport equipment
  • Machining
  • FRP processing and construction
  • Chimney construction
  • Various equipment installation/assembly


  • Waste recycling and disposal

Shunan Techno Co., Ltd.

  • Maintenance work for moving machinery
  • Piping/Canning/Civil engineering work
  • FRP Lining Construction
  • Heavy construction work
  • Diagnosis of rotating equipment facilities
  • Machinery and parts sales
  • Machining

Shuyo Industria Co., Ltd.

  • General and industrial waste collection and transportation
  • Cleaning of drinking water storage tanks in buildings
  • Septic tank maintenance, inspection and cleaning
  • Various cleaning services (rivers, gutters, toilets, etc.)

Shinei Techno Co., Ltd.

  • Machinery maintenance, general maintenance, various mechanical parts processing, can manufacturing, piping work, machining, plastic processing and piping, FPR processing and lining, etc.


  • Maintenance
  • Roll reshuffling
  • Metal product manufacturing business


  • Provides systems for EDI/CAD/PDM/scheduler/production management/cost management/process monitoring/equipment repair management/transport and delivery management, etc.
  • Building networks within factories, between factories, and between head offices and branches.

(Yamaguchi Branch Office)

  • All construction work ranging from equipment installation/wiring/piping/trial run in fields such as mechanical/electrical instrumentation.

CHUDENKO CORPORATION (Yamaguchi East Branch Office)

  • Electrical construction

Nitto Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Design and construction of civil engineering/architecture/pavement works
  • Roadbed improvement work
  • Manufacture and sales of asphalt mixtures
  • Real estate transaction business
  • Industrial waste processing, collection and transportation business
  • Automobile maintenance business

Fuji Construction Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Exterior construction
  • General housing renovation
  • Paper band sales/classes/gallery management
  • Plumbing work/Civil engineering
  • Roofing work/Sheet metal work

Futaba Denko Co., Ltd.

  • Electric motor rewinding and overhaul
  • Repair, installation and sales of submersible pumps and various industrial equipment
  • Crane manufacturing installation and elevator/crane maintenance inspection
  • Design and construction of automatic control equipment
  • Operational diagnosis of various motors

Matsuura Toso Co., Ltd.

  • Painting work (including building renovation)
  • Waterproof construction
  • Injection work
  • Scaffolding and earthwork
  • Interior finishing work
  • Plaster work
  • Civil engineering work

Rinkai Nissan Construction Co., Ltd.

  • General construction business
  • Civil engineering/building construction
  • Harbors/ Dredging construction
  • Land development/improvement construction

Nippon Kaiso Co., Ltd.

  • Painting work in general (plant painting/architectural painting/vessel painting, etc.)
  • Waterproof construction
  • Blasting process work