List of procured items
Raw materialsHot rolled coil
Molten galvanized coil
Equipment, parts, and servicesEquipment and machinery
Construction and repair work
Inspection equipment and measuring instruments
Various partsBolts, nuts, bearings, etc.
Supplemental materialsNon-ferrous and fuel relatedBunker C (heavy fuel oil)
Tin ingots
Zinc anodes/grains
Nickel pellets
OilsPalm oil
Gasoline and kerosene
Rolling oil
Lubricating oil
Corrosion-preventing oil
Machining oil
Resin, film, etc.PET film
PET resin
PBT resin
Vinyl chloride film
Master batch
Protective film
Other resins
Mill roll
Interleaving kraft (steel mill kraft)
Industrial chemicals, etc.Sulfuric acid
Chromic anhydride
Sodium bichromate
Nickel sulfate
Nickel chloride
Zinc sulfate
Zinc oxide
Other chemicals for plating(for electro tin plating)
(for electro chrome plating)
(for electro nickel plating)
(for electroless nickel plating)
(for electro zinc plating)
Sodium hypophosphite
Caustic soda
Orthosilicate soda
Degreasing agent for rolling coil or additive agent (surface acting agent)
Brightening agent(for nickel plating)
(for zinc plating)
Flocculating agent (for processed wastewater)
Packing materialsPackaging paper
Carton paperboard
Polyethylene film
Aluminum cloth sheet