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VINYTOP is a sophisticated decorative material that is so people-friendly, it blends in seamlessly with everyday life.

As products become more sophisticated, quality design also becomes more important for consumers when choosing products. Toyo Kohan’s VINYTOP is a resin decorative steel sheet that truly meets the needs of the times.

Not only can the surface of the material be printed in various ways, but beautiful surface finishes such as relief machining and high-gloss mirror finishes are possible. This product flexibly meets the various design needs of consumers, ranging from refrigerator doors and other home appliance components to interior/exterior construction materials such as those used in unit bathroom ceilings, walls, and entranceways.

Vinyl Chloride Resin Decorative Steel Sheet(VINYTOP)


  • Beautiful colors and a soft feel created by embossing.
  • Bending, roll forming, deep drawing and any other type of processing is possible.
  • Has superior weather resistance, and some types can be used outdoors for extended periods.

FineTop 1

  • This is a saturated resin decorative steel sheet the has laminated PET on its surface.
  • Any color and design can be used.
  • The impression of depth, brightness, three dimensions and other effects can be created by layering metal foil and colored film in the bottom layers.

FineTop 3

FineTop 3
  • This is an olefin resin decorative steel sheet.
  • Embossing, use of metallic material and other design elements are possible.
  • There are no liquid elements used, so that transfer and bleeding are not a problem.

FineTop 5/FineTop 6

  • This is a polyester resin decorative steel sheet.
  • Colors and surface finishes can be adjusted.
  • There is no fear of organic volatile compounds and environmental hormones, so that this material can be used for food packaging and it is hygienic.
  • Has good scratch resistance and superior workability.

FineTop EX-R/FineTop EX-ART

FineTop EX-R
FineTop EX-R
FineTop EX-ART
FineTop EX-ART
  • This is an acrylic resin decorative steel sheet.
  • Colors and surface finishes can be adjusted.
  • Has superior weather resistance, and can be used outdoors for extended periods and still maintain its initial appearance.


  • Painted steel sheet using various resins.
  • Colors and surface finishes can be adjusted.
  • A highly accurate painting method assures a uniform painted surface for a beautiful finish.
  • Various steel sheets can be used for workability, pollution resistance, weather resistance, etc.

Coatings and products

No Patterns
(Single Color)
Pattern ProductsNo Patterns
(Single Color)
Pattern ProductsHigh-definition/
High gloss
Metallic Tone
Non-vinyl chlorideOlefinFINETOP3FINETOP3FINETOP1
E Sheet
(original polyester film)
Color Color Top Color Top


From industry standard to state-of-the-art, our products are used in daily life throughout the world.

  • Refrigerator door materials
  • Entrance door surfaces
  • Interior/exterior construction materials
  • Exterior cladding for OA equipment

While high functionality is essential for white goods, color design is also an important factor that influences product value. VINYTOP, a resin decorative steel sheet, meets the design needs of diverse applications, from home appliances and electronics to interior/exterior construction materials, by making full use of our unique technologies and manufacturing methods.

Here too!


Come home and head straight to the refrigerator! For adults and children alike, the refrigerator door has a mysterious power that makes us want to open it. Toyo Kohan is always there to ensure a relaxed everyday life.

Curtain rails
Curtain rails
Example of Ship Interior
Example of Ship Interior
Entrance door surface materials
Entrance door surface materials

Available Sizes

Standard Accepted Specifications

Sheet Width(mm)MAX: 1,219
Sheet Thickness(mm)0.2 to 1.2
  • Ask us about areas outside of the scope.
  • Hot dip galvanized steel sheets and electro-galvanized steel sheets can be used for the substrates.
  • Ask us about supplying unique original sheets as follows.
    aluminum/stainless/5% hot dip aluminum steel plate(galfan)


The following companies are available for inquiries about cycles, storage sheds, or Clean Ace.
If you have any questions about these products, please contact the companies listed below.

For inquiries about cycles


For inquiries about storage sheds or Clean Ace


We do not currently support VINYTOP entrance doors (Class A fire doors, etc.), as we discontinued manufacture of these more than 15 years ago.