Company Profile

Company name
Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.
April 11, 1934
5,040 million yen
Number of employees
1,501(as of March 31, 2023)
125.9 billion yen(fiscal 2022)
Head Office
Osaki Forest Bldg., 2-18-1, Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8260
Line of business
Manufacturing and sales of tinplate, sheet metal, and different types of surface-treated steel sheets as well as a variety of functional materials
Head Office Building
Head Office Building

List of officers

Masahiro Kai
In charge: Technology Development Division
Director and
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Makoto Arase
General Manager, Kudamatsu Plant
In charge: Kudamatsu Plant
Director and
Managing Executive Officer
Hiroshi Hasegawa
In charge: Machinery Business
President and Chief Executive Officer, Fuji Technica & Miyazu Inc.
Atushi Kikuchi
General Manager, Electronic Materials Business
In charge: Electronic Materials Business, Chemical Products Business
Kazumi Aoi
In charge: Steel Plate Business
Director and Executive Officer
Zensuke Inoue
General Manager, Finance Division
In charge: Corporate Planning Division, Information Systems Division,
Administration Division, Finance Division
Toshiyuki Ueda
General Manager, Steel Plate Business
Executive Officer
Masahiro Saitou
General Manager, Business Promotion Office
Akira Yamamoto
General Manager, Information Systems Division
Toshio Yamawaki
General Manager, Administration Division
Chikara Yanai
General Manager, Machinery Business Division President and Representative Director,
Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd
Hiroshi Kawata
Deputy General Manager, Kudamatsu Plant General Manager, General Affairs Division
Hiroshi Okamura
General Manager, Technology Development Division General Manager, R&D Center
Shinichiro Kamijo
Shunji Tanaka