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Indispensable in daily life, tin plate is a reliable material boasting an attractive luster and excellent corrosion resistance.

Toyo Kohan provides high-quality tin plate to a wide range of specifications to meet customer needs.

Since our founding in 1934, we have grown together with our customers by manufacturing tin plate as a material for containers. The technology that we developed with our customers continues to evolve, and we are now focusing on new uses that can contribute to the solving of environmental problems.

Beautiful surface

Beautiful surface

Tin plate has a beautiful surface after coating and printing, with a unique and attractive metallic luster.

Excellent weldability

Excellent weldability

All kinds of processing (bending, drawing, etc.), welding, and soldering are easy to perform.

Excellent corrosion resistance

Excellent corrosion resistance

With its excellent corrosion resistance, it is widely used for food cans. (Conforms to the Food Sanitation Act.)

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Tinplate:Basic composition
Basic composition
  • This surface-treated steel sheet is made by tin plating the surface of cold-rolled steel sheets.
  • Sheet thickness of 0.2 mm and sheet width of about 900 mm are usual.

LTS/CR Tinplate

LTS/CR Tinplate:Basic composition
Basic composition


  • Thin tin-plated steel sheet features the minimum amount of tin (1.3 g/m2) that can be stably welded from an economic standpoint, and offers improved paint adhesion strength compared to tin plate.

CR Tinplate

  • Tin plate with improved paint adhesion.


  • Food cans
  • Beverage cans and metal caps
  • 18-liter cans
  • Candy tins
  • Spray cans
  • Tin plate toys
  • Electric and electronic parts
  • Bearing parts(sealing parts)

Tin plate has found itself integrated into various aspects of our daily lives. Since 1934, when we became the first privately owned tin plate manufacturer in Japan, we have been providing high-quality tin plate to meet our customers’ needs. Our high-quality tin plate, produced using traditional techniques in state-of-the-art facilities, is highly appreciated by our customers both in Japan and overseas.

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Gift Package Cans(Tinplate)

From cookies and rice crackers to tea leaves and dried foods, opening the lid delivers a simply irresistible moment.
At Toyo Kohan, we also work on decorative cans for gifts that epitomize the Japanese spirit of thoughtfulness.

Gift Package Cans

Manufacturing process

Tin plate, which is used for a wide range of applications including can materials, is manufactured under strict quality control to ensure the right characteristics for each application.

Production Process


WeldabilityRC value(mΩ)10.1 to 0.30.1 to 0.3100 to 2000.1 to 0.3
Rust proofingSalt spray test2ExcellentGoodPoorPoor
Coating AdhesionCup process adhesion test3PoorGoodExcellentExcellent
T peel test4PoorGoodExcellentExcellent
  • 1 RC value: Test materials heat processed for 20 minutes at 205 degree centigrade then contact electrical resistance is measured using our company’s RC measuring instruments (RC value: Small → Weldability: Good)
  • 2 Salt spray test: 35 degree centigrade, 5% salt solution sprayed for 2 hours → visual inspection
  • 3 Cup process adhesion test: Lacquer coating → cup process → cup wall surface coated film strength peeled with tape → visual inspection
  • 4 T peel test: Lacquer coating → Cut to 5 mm width → 2 test material sheets thermally compressed via nylon film → Measure peeling stress


The following diagram shows an example of the weldable current range using manufactured can seam welder. Good welding materials possess a wide weldable current range.


Available Sizes

The manufacturable range depends on the combination of each specification (thickness, width, temper etc.).
Ask us especially about combination specifications with sheet thickness upper and lower limits and sheet width upper limits.
Also ask us about specifications as needed.


Normal manufacturing rangeManufacturable range
Sheet Thickness(mm)0.15 to 0.500.13 to 0.60
Sheet Width(mm)670 to 1,060
Length(mm)510 to 1,070460 to 1,110


Normal manufacturing rangeManufacturable range
Sheet Thickness(mm)0.15 to 0.600.07 to 0.80
Sheet Width(mm)670 to 1,060


Normal manufacturing rangeManufacturable range
Sheet Thickness(mm)0.15 to 0.500.13 to 0.60
Sheet Width(mm)30 to 50010 to 500


Tin is manufactured under strict quality controls based on standards comparable to JIS G 3303.

Temper grade

Temper grade symbolHardness (HR30TSm)Features
Thickness t (mm)
Single rolledT-150±449±448±4Particularly excellent flexibility
T-254±453±452±4Moderate flexibility and toughness
T-2.556±455±454±4Flexibility and moderate toughness
T-358±457±456±4Moderate toughness
T-462±461±460±4Relatively high toughness
T-566±465±464±4Excellent buckling resistance
Twice rolledDR-872±4Excellent rigidity and strength
DR-975±4Excellent rigidity and strength
DR-9M76±4Excellent rigidity and strength
DR-1079+3,−4Outstanding rigidity and strength

Amount of plating (one side)

Type symbolStandard adhesion amount
Symbol of adhesion amountTin adhesion amount
SPTE2.82.82.45 or more or more or more or more

Tin plating film thickness [μm] = Tin adhesion amount [g/m2] / Tin specific gravity (7.3 [g/cm3])

We can offer tin plating in the range of 1.3 to 11.2 g/m2 (with either the same thickness or different thickness of plating on front and back surfaces)

Surface finish

Surface finish nameCodeSurface roughness Target value
Bright EBE≦0.20Very glossy finish with superior solderability.
BrightB0.25Gloss finish, widely used for general purposes.
Light roughness sideBR0.30Lightly polished finish only used for double rolled products.
RoughR10.40An original whetstone-like finish on which scratches do not show up.
Very roughR20.60An original rough whetstone-like finish that keeps the surface unmarred.
MatteM1A dull, semigloss finish that is non-reflown.
Silver 1S11A dull finish that is reflown.
Silver 2S21A dull finish that is reflown.
Silver 4S43A dull finish that is reflown.
Rough surface(R1)
Rough surface(R1)
Silver 4(S4)
Silver 4(S4)