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With the excellent strength and formability of steel foil, Toyo Kohan can provide materials according to your needs with thicknesses of less than 100 μm.
Such materials help you make thinner, lighter products.

  • Thickness: Min. 35 μm
  • Sheet width: Max. 1,000 mm cold-rolled steel foil
  • Wide range of materials design (soft/good formability to hard/high strength)
  • Various types of plating also available

Available production sizes vary, depending on the desired combination of thickness, hardness, and plating type. Please discuss your needs with us.

Ultra-thin Steel Foil

Properties of steel foil

Steel foil
(Soft type, 50 μm thickness)
Aluminum foil
(A8079-O, 40 μm thickness)
Tensile strength333MPa91MPa
Surface hardness Vickers hardness80Hv25Hv
Puncture strength (R 0.5 mm at tip)36N6N
Square cylinder drawing depth (punch shoulder radius 3 mm)19mm7mm

Examples of use