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Aluminum substrates for magnetic disks, made using Toyo Kohan’s traditional technologies, enable high-capacity storage to support today’s data-driven society.

Hard disk drives (HDDs) used to be mainly incorporated in household digital devices such as computers and video recorders, but with the expansion of cloud computing due to the spread of smartphones and the development of communications technology, they are now mainly used in data centers that support our ever-expanding data society, playing an active role as important storage devices that store the data we generate every day.

Aluminum substrates for magnetic disks(MD)
Aluminum substrates for magnetic disks(MD)

Technological excellence

Toyo Kohan’s aluminum substrates for magnetic disks, which combine the plating and precision processing technologies we have cultivated with state-of-the-art clean manufacturing processes and quality assurance systems, have been well received both in Japan and abroad for their high-quality materials and technical capabilities.

High quality

Magnetic disks are made from aluminum substrates with a thin magnetic layer applied to the surface. Production is carried out in a clean room environment with superior cleanliness to achieve the smoothest possible flatness.


  • Hard disk drives

As digital transformation (DX) progresses, the amount of data we communicate and generate every day continues to increase. Data centers are the storage destination for this enormous quantity of data, and here magnetic disks play a major role as high-capacity data storage. In order to store the world’s digital data, which increases year-by-year, despite limited space, we are helping to improve storage capacity by making disks ever-thinner.

Here too!

MD substrate(data centers)

In our digital society, vast amounts of electronic data are just a part of life. At massive data centers, we store cherished photos we take with smartphones, important electronic files from work, and much more.
Toyo Kohan’s technology is also utilized to manufacture the countless hard disks installed there.

MD substrate