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High-purity, ultra-thin electrolytic iron foil for magnetic applications and various thin film needs

  • High purity (99.9% or more)
  • Iron is an abundant resource (availability)
  • Easily bendable (workability)
  • Available1 in broad widths, ideal for production
  • Thickness 10–20 μm1

1:Available production sizes vary depending on the combination of thickness and hardness.
(Example of past mass production: Maximum width 900 mm at 20 μm)

Pure Iron Foil

Properties of pure iron foil

Composition & purity

CompositionCSiPSMnFe purity
[ppm]50 or less10 or less10 or less10 or less10 or less99.9% or more

Magnetic & electrical properties (Evaluated at 50 μm thickness: Type B has low coercive force and high permeability: Soft magnetic material)

Pure iron foil: Type APure iron foil: Type BComparison: Silicon steel sheet
Residual flux density [T]
Coercive force [Oe]
Magnetic permeability [μmax]1,0009,00012,000
Volume resistivity [μΩcm]9.49.4

Corrosion resistance (visual appearance over time in high-temperature humid environment)

Pure iron foil: Type A
Pure iron foil: Type A

No rust2

Pure iron foil: Type B
Pure iron foil: Type B

No rust2

Comparison: Carbon steel foil
Comparison: Carbon steel foil

No rust

2:This is an indication that rust is less likely to occur compared to carbon steel foil, and does not guarantee that rust will not form.