On the occasion of our 75th anniversary in 2009, we established our Management Philosophy, Action Guidelines, and Vision. Since then, as the surrounding environment has changed significantly, we have reaffirmed the spirit at the core of our company since its founding, maintaining that spirit while expressing it in an easy-to-understand way. In April 2022, we formulated our Corporate Philosophy as the guiding light for our corporate activities. This Corporate Philosophy consists of the “reason for being” of Toyo Kohan in society, a “vision” for realizing that reason for being, and “priority values” that represent the attitude and approach of each and every executive and employee in their daily work.

By sharing this Corporate Philosophy among all executives and employees, we create new value through our business and contribute to the development of society.

Corporate Philosophy

Toyo Kohan’s Corporate Philosophy


Toyo Kohan pursues new possibilities in techology to create new value and to build a better society together with our customers.


Through the integration and development of core technologies for materials, rolling, and surface treatment, we strive to be unrivaled in the global material industry.

Our Values

  1. Conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards
  2. Have respect for one another and embrace diversity
  3. Link personal growth to the growth of the company
  4. Pursue new challenges with passion and courage
  5. Focus on issues that really matter to create new social values

Toyo Kohan Group Brand

The Toyo Kohan Group decided to use TK WORKS as the brand name for the entire Group and Beyond Steel as its brand statement (slogan). The Group’s brand name and slogan encapsulate our vision and express our ongoing dedication to rening our proprietary technology and expertise in steel that we have cultivated since our founding in 1934 to move beyond conventional expectations and make great leaps into new business areas and markets.

Robust, metallic gray lettering logotype represent the reliable steel technology we have developed. The orange TK arrow in the upper right is our emblem pointing to a future creating new value. The slight overall forward leaning angle indicates our stance as we ceaselessly move into the future. The arc of the base of the TK arrow evokes the horizon, expressing our will to make the world a brighter and better place through the imagination and technology of TK WORKS.